Architect: Abdolrahman Kadkhodasalehi
Location: Tehran, Iran
Date: 2014
Status: Competition Proposal / 4th Place
Client: Sharif Technology University
Project Team: Roozbeh Ardekani, Shahram Yazdanpanah, Kamal Hasanpour, Saman Azizi Moaddab, Karo Parhoon


One of the most important issues we took into serious consideration in designing the entrance gate of a high-profile university like Sharif was very attention to achieving knowledge in university. This attention led us not to use any arch or dome which are often mistakenly believed to be elements of Iranian Architecture. Understanding the nature and sense of the spaces which have been inherited from the past is much more important than the architectural form. The longevity of these constructions is a good proof for this claim. We spent hours to consider different forms of architecture and finally, we found that “rhythm, unity, and invitation” are among the elements that not only adapt to this issue of architecture, but they also suffice to the operational and extra operational needs of this project.

National and idiosyncratic Identity of Sharif University was among the important and noticeable elements that were of priority for us. We did our best to maintain the principles of the aforementioned identity. Our main idea for designing the entrance gate of university is “a number of pages” from the book which have been put together in a recurring pattern to show both the past and the future of the university. These pages have an impression of “inviting” from the Azadi Street and its nearby street. They also recall the feeling of old Iranian Portico. Defining separate portal space those who are riding on cars and buses as well as those who are on foot, has added to the attraction of the form.

A turn of 90 degrees along the height of the construction and the composition of both modern and old materials confirm and emphasize on the current trend of the architecture of the colleges inside. It also indicates the development of science and technology and adapting with the international developments and with this respect Sharif University has often been regarded as one of the most successful universities across the world.


Architect, I. (2014). Entrance Gate of Sharif Technology University / Abdolrahman Kadkhodasalehi | Iranian Architect. [online] Iranian-architect.ir. Available at: http://iranian-architect.ir/project-0059#more-6004 [Accessed 23 Nov. 2014].




The entrance gate of Sharif Technology University has adopted a very interesting concept of being shaped like pages of a book which implies a natural progression of Iranian architecture from the traditional style to the modern contemporary designs. This has been incorporated very subtlety as its outlook is only noticeable from a distance, not within the interior. A harmony between east and west is evident with the combination of structural techniques from the past and present being employed. The educational architectural theme of the building is related to its functional purpose as a university and also its inviting nature is very appropriate for the great number of attending students that are eager to learn. 



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