Name: Tehran City Theater

Location: Vali’asr st. ,Tehran, Iran [ Google Maps ]

ArchitectAmirAli Sardar Afkhami

Date: 1972

Type: Cultural

Area: 3000 sqm

Total Built Area: 5600 sqm

Panorama Photos : Exterior view 1 | Exterior view 2 | Interior view

Tehran City Theater (opened ca. 1972) or Teatr-e Shahr is a performing arts complex in Tehran, Iran. Architect Ali Sardar Afkhami designed the main building in the 1960s, later expanded. The complex contains several performance spaces including Chaharsou Hall, Qashqai Hall, Sayeh Hall, and the Main Hall. Tehran city theater was opened by the play “The Cherry Orchard” written by Anton Chekov, directed by Arbi Avansian.


Caoi.ir. 2015. Tehran City Theatre [online]. Available at: <http://caoi.ir/index.php/en/component/k2/item/52-tehran-city-theater&gt; [5/5/2015]








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