Ab-o Atash (Water and Fire) Park or Abraham garden, is the most beautiful park, with an area over 24000 square meters in Tehran city. The park has various recreational facilities such as; silk bridges, light house, cubby hole, fire towers, alcove, ceremony , an area for playing with water, and equipment such as four fire towers, and a tent with 700 meters.
Every day many tourists from Tehran and other cities visit this place.
The park has two entrances, one from Shahid Haghani highway, and another one from an alley beside park. This park has four fire towers, which make a flaming fire as high as 6 to 8 meters, and throw the water that comes out of it, with music.
The fire that comes out of these towers is very exciting, and this ceremony is performed every night after Maghreb and Isha. Horse training is also one of the facilities; it is only the first phase of the park. The next phases are in the project of developing the park.
They are going to make this park to the largest entertainment center in Iran. Skate Park in Abbas Abad, the biggest skate park in the Middle East, is near the intersection of Shahid Hemmat and Modarres highway.
It is worth knowing that due to the specialized nature of building such an environment, the knowledge and the experience of technicians from Germany was used. The montage of prefabricated components, are done by Germans.
Stood bicycle is a wired device, despite moving on two wheels it has an interesting balance. With this electrical device you can easily go around the park.
Pulleys, which one can move hanging on the rope is another device in this park to entertain families. The light house that you can go up and see the scenery, In addition to water and fire Amphitheater located in Abraham garden, is a membranous covering 700 square meters.
In water and fire Amphitheater, the combination of structural and architectural, form the basis of plan. Other project related to water and Fire Park and Abbas Abad area is, the silk bridge and Nature Bridge.
Here in the park, four critical elements are together to entertainment; water, wind, soil, and fire.

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The Abo o Atash park is a beautiful park that has recreational facilities, fire towers, areas for playing with water and an amphitheatre.

I was most inspired by the aesthetics of the park incorporating traditional Persian elements and themes with modern constructional features.

I have also combined Persian artistic designs with contemporary materials and building techniques in the interior and exterior of my structure.

My cultural centre also serves a similar purpose with an amphitheatre and water facilities for the visitors.



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